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Artist’s Statement


I have been a Massage Therapist and Healer for 28 years. My artistic passion awakened 11 years ago while painting with my young daughter. My first paint supplies were a gift from my husband. I had no idea what to do with tube paints and almost returned them. Instead, I took a watercolor class and my life changed forever. I discovered a passion for painting that I had no idea existed.

I paint watercolor landscapes of nature, wildlife, oceans, flowers, farms and all that I find beautiful. I paint house and pet portraits, and teach watercolor classes and lessons. The most frequent comments I receive about my art are “That’s a watercolor?” and “I thought it was a photograph!” This reflects upon the bright colors and intense details found in my paintings. I achieve this affect by using small pointed brushes and more paint and less water than most.

I also paint spiritual, or visionary, art. These paintings are quite different from my realistic landscapes but still filled with bright colors and vibrancy. They are also filled with passion, light, and healing. I enjoy the creativity of watching these paintings appear without conscious intent of an outcome. 


Sharon graduated with honors from U Mass Amherst in 1983, with a BA in sociology. After several years as a social worker she became a massage therapist and healer. She has continued to do massage and healing while pursuing a career as an artist.

Sharon is an award winning artist and teaches watercolor painting. She sells original paintings, Giclee prints, and note cards, and is available for commissions. She is a member of the Connecticut Watercolor Society and the New Hartford Art League.

Sharon is a medium, and opened Dragonfly Healing Arts in 2013, in New Hartford. Her center offers massage, Reiki, Reflexology, readings, yoga, and other classes. For more information please visit Dragonfly Healing Arts, or her new website Sharon Farber.

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